The name for this site came to me one evening when I was sitting at my computer, trying to think of what to call my new music blog. I was drinking whiskey and listening to music.

So here we are. There’s something about the combination of whiskey and music that just makes sense to me. They’re two great things that pair really, really well together.  And while the focus of this site is most definitely music, it would feel a little weird not to mention whiskey at all.

Let’s talk about the kind of whiskeys for a second.

Rye– no

Bourbon– no

Scotch– no

Irish Whiskey– yes

Okay, on to my favorites

Jameson 12 year

Everything about this whiskey is perfect. Woody, spicy, smooth– this is my jam. Regular Jameson is good, Jameson 18 year is really good, Jameson 12 year is great. It’s triple distilled and spends 12 years maturing in spiced bourbon barrels and sherry casks.

Redbreast 12 year

Redbreast is made from both malted and unmalted barley in a single pot still.


Honestly, that’s pretty much it. I’ve had and enjoyed plenty of other whiskeys (even the aforementioned bourbons, scotches and ryes), and I’m certainly up for trying out more, but those are my go-tos.

Whiskey drink recipes

I started off drinking whiskey by stealing it, which was bad, and mixing it with a lot of soda, which was really bad. I feel like my dad would be more willing to forgive the former than the latter. I mixed it with soda because I was trying to mask the taste. I was young and still drank things like Mountain Dew, and I didn’t realize I was drowning the good stuff with sugar water. When I became old enough to order whiskey at the bar, I learned that bartenders don’t make their whiskey and cokes anywhere near as strong as I did, and I actually missed the taste of whiskey. Pretty soon I was ordering whiskey with just a splash of coke or ginger ale, then I grew up and started ordering whiskey straight up. Not long after I learned a little bit of water or a small amount of ice could bring out the flavors more. Too much water or ice will water it down (science!) but just the right amount will make the diversity of whiskeys more pronounced. So, for me, great whiskey is best neat or with a small amount of water or ice. For the good whiskey, there are plenty of other drinks to make with it. Here are some of my picks

Whiskey Drinks

Whiskey neat

Whiskey with a small amount of water or ice


Irish Coffee

Old Fashioned

Big Ginger — I know I just talked about not mixing whiskey with soda, but here’s the exception. Here’s why I will flip flop on that and not think twice. Big Gingers are such a delicious summer drink that I can’t argue with them. Whiskey and ginger ale is no revelation, but adding fresh citrus makes all the difference.

2 parts ginger ale


Hot Toddy

Irish Egg Nog