Hey while you’re here, have some whiskey drink recipes.

Whiskey (neat)

2-3 oz whiskey.

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Whiskey (w/ water or ice)

2-3 oz whiskey with a couple drops of water or a single, small ice cube

Too much water or ice waters it down (science) but just the right amount brings out the flavors.

Irish Coffee

Nothing beats a great Irish Coffee.

2 oz whiskey

1 teaspoon sugar or brown sugar

hot brewed coffee

heavy cream or whipping cream

Start by brewing the best coffee you can, however you want to do that. While that’s going on, lightly whip the cream in a bowl using a spoon or a handheld mixer. Then pour the whiskey into a glass, add the sugar and stir it up. Pour the coffee and leave one or two inches at the top. Put a spoon over the top of the glass and pour the cream over the spoon so it sits on top of the whiskey. Drink the coffee through the cream.


The classic, classy whiskey drink.

2 oz whiskey

1/2 oz vermouth

2 bitters

Chill the whiskey and vermouth briefly in a mixing glass with ice, pour, add bitters and garnish with a cherry or small lemon peel.

Old Fashioned

Another traditional and reliable whiskey drink.

2 oz whiskey

sugar cube


dash of water

2 bitters

1 cherry or small lemon peel

Put the sugar cube in a glass and add the water. Let it dissolve a bit, then add ice and bitters. Stir it up, pour the whiskey and garnish with the cherry or lemon.

Hot Toddy aka Hot Whiskey

There’s no medicine that’s better than a hot whiskey when you’re sick in the winter. Note: I’m not a doctor.

2 oz whiskey

Steaming hot water


Lemon wedge

Pour the whiskey into a glass, add the hot water, then the honey. Squeeze the lemon juice in there, mix it up, and drop the lemon wedge in. Some people add a tea bag or a cinnamon stick, but I prefer the basic recipe. Sometimes just whiskey and hot water does the trick.

Big Ginger

A refreshing whiskey drink for hot summer days. I don’t normally mix whiskey and soda but these are too good to argue with.

2 oz whiskey

1 cup ginger ale

1 lemon wedge

1 lime wedge


Pour the whiskey and ginger ale over ice, squeeze in the lemon and lime juice, then add the wedges to the drink. Stir. Whiskey and ginger is a pretty routine, but the citrus makes all the difference here.

Whiskey Apple Soda

Here’s the other whiskey/soda combination I dig.

3 oz whiskey

1/2 oz apple juice

1 oz ginger beer

1 oz soda water


Mix the whiskey, ginger beer and soda water in a cocktail mixer with ice. Pour into a glass with a few ice cubes or crushed ice, and add the apple juice at the top.

Irish Mule

Basically a Moscow Mule with whiskey instead of vodka.

2 oz whiskey

1 quarter lime wedge

Ginger beer


Pour the whiskey over rocks, add the juice of the lime wedge, top it off with ginger beer, toss the lime in and stir.

Irish Egg Nog

A dessert drink to have around the holidays.

2 oz of whiskey

1 oz of Kahlua

1 oz of Bailey’s Irish Cream

2 oz of Hood Light Egg Nog

Whipped cream is optional

Frozen coffee ice cubes. Seriously.

Brew some coffee and put it in an ice tray. Freeze it. Mix the whiskey, Kahlua, Baileys and egg nog in a mixer with ice. Put the coffee ice cubes in a glass and pour everything on top of them. Add whipped cream if you want some whipped cream. Garnish with cocoa powder if you’re feeling extra.