Best Songs of the Year

How I make my best-of playlists:

1) Make a playlist of every song added to my music library in the past year.

2) From that playlist, I make a second playlist of only the songs that were released in the past year.

3) Choose one song per artist to put into a third, best-of playlist.

4) Organize the songs from favorites to least favorites.

The end result is a playlist of songs released in the past year, limited to one song per artist, ranked in descending order.

These lists are super long, but I figure it’s better to have more great songs and people can take from it what they want, rather than limit it to some arbitrary number. If you’re interested in the top 20 tracks of the year, check out 1-20. You can do that for the top 10, 100, 300, etc.

Here are my best-of lists by year:

Best Songs of 2021

Best Songs of 2020

Best Songs of 2019

Best Songs of 2018

Best Songs of 2017

Best Songs of 2016

Best Songs of 2015

Best Songs of 2014

Best Songs of 2013

Best Songs of 2012

Best Songs of 2011

Best Songs of 2010