Best Songs of the Year

Here’s how I make my best-of playlists.

1) Make a playlist of every song added to my iTunes library in the past year. (3,000-5,000 songs)

2) Make a second playlist of only the songs that were released in the past year. (500-2,000 songs)

3) Choose one song per artist to put into the best-of playlist. (150-350 songs)

4) Organize the songs from favorites to least favorites.

The end result is a playlist of songs released in the past year, limited to one song per artist. (If a musician is featured on another artist’s song, it’s possible they’ll show up more than once.)

On each page you’ll find a Spotify playlist, an Apple Music playlist and a list of all the songs. I put videos/links to the songs for the first ten-ish on each mix.

I get that my lists are super long, but I figure it’s better to have more great songs and people can take from it what they want. If you’re interested in my top 20 tracks of the year, check out 1-20. You can do that for the top 10, 100, 300, etc.

Here are my best-of lists by year:



2014 tape
2013 tape

2012 tape

2011 tape
2010 tape