Welcome to Whiskey and Music

Welcome to Whiskey & Music. This is the online home for my music lists and a handful of other music related things. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years listening to, thinking about and organizing music, and this site is a place for all that stuff to exist beyond my brain and hard drive.

I’ve been a huge fan of music since I was a little kid, listening to cassettes on a My First Sony Walkman, and my love for music has been constant throughout my life. I studied the sociology and history of popular music in my undergrad, and I served as a research assistant on two books analyzing music in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I was the Reviews Editor for Progress Magazine and PM-Live.com, a website that focused on hip hop and alternative music culture. I played in various bands growing up, I released an EP called Preconditions of Extinction as The WID and I was one of two MCs for the group Damn Good People. I now work in higher ed, and music keeps me sane during my commute.

I listen to old favorites and try to discover new music as well, whether they’re new releases or just new to me. Throughout the year, I save recent albums and songs I like the most, and compile them into end of the year mixes that have become a personal tradition over the past decade.

This site has my annual best-of playlists, additional mixes, photographs I’ve taken of various artists, my own recordings and a few other miscellaneous things.

Pour a glass of whiskey or whatever you like, put on some headphones, and enjoy the site. Cheers!